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Beauty Salon Financial Model/Business Plan Excel Template

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Financial Dashboard in Excel To Track Your Business Performance


Beauty Salon Financial Model

The beauty salon business has become the desperate need of not only women but also men. Now it's time to turn your salon hobby into a professional beauty salon business to earn handsome money along with your satisfaction. No worries! If you have some issue like how to open a beauty salon at home? Or how to open a salon with no money?

Our beauty salon financial model can help you to generate a five-year forecast based on various assumptions that can convince an investor or banker to invest in your business. This can give you a potential startup without any need for extra money. With multiple financial tools, this full-service beauty salon business plan can raise your funding, predict beauty salon expenses, profitability, and annual growth.

The proven excel salon business plan makes it smooth for you to get cash flow budgeting, financial planning, and financial reports by using many “what if” scenarios. It allows you to create financial reports and charts without any deep knowledge of finances. No need to hesitate, go ahead and start your successful business plan of a beauty salon.


Core features of beauty salon financial model


All in one Dashboard


Salon Business Plan Dashboard

This all-in-one dashboard reflects the core inputs, core financials, and the graphical representation of revenue breakdown by years, profitability forecast, cash flow statement projection data, and cumulative cash flow of your salon business plan. Unlike other excel beauty salon business plan sample available in the market, you do not need to move within templates, instead, you get the core information right in one place. You can apply various salon assumptions and see the impact on core financial both in absolute figures and in graphical charts. Let us see the functionality of this dashboard.


  • Core Inputs

 Salon Business Plan Template Dashboard Core Inputs

  • Salon Assumptions


Salon Business Plan Template Dashboard Core Inputs Sales Assumptions

    • Input the number of months to reach the plateau.
    • Enter the percentage of occupancy planned.
    • Input the working hours of the salon per month.
    • Enter the number of chairs you plan to have in the salon.
    • Input the percentage of the safety stock to maintain.



  • Salon Job Input


Salon Business Plan Template Dashboard Core Inputs Salon Job Input

Here you can enter the detail of each job in the salon. Job name, time consumed performing a specific job, prices per job, and the percentage of sales for a particular job to total sales. You can use up to five salon jobs and their respective price for five years.

    • Input the job name in the job column.
    • Enter the number of hours that need to accomplish that job on one station.
    • Input the price per job for each year.



  • Sales Mix


 Salon Business Plan Template Dashboard Core Inputs Sales Mix


Here you can enter the mix sales for each job done. The category names created in the salon job inputs require the respective percentage of sales.



  • Debt Assumptions

 Salon Business Plan Template Dashboard Debt Assumptions

Hair and beauty salon business plan, offers you to keep a record of all your loans and grant with their details. You can record up to four loans and one grant in this table.

    • In the loan name column enters the name of the loan.
    • Enter the total amount of the loan in the amount column.
    • Input the launch date of each loan in the launch column.
    • In the term column enter the duration of loans in months.
    • Enter the interest rate for each loan in the interest column.
    • You can select the type of loan from usual or annuity in the type column.
    • For grant, you do not need any term or interest rate so you enter the amount and the launch date in respective columns.


  • Core Financial


 Salon Business Plan Dashboard Core Financial

The core financial is the vital part of the dashboard that displays the five years forecast using various assumptions. This table reflects five years forecast about revenue, cogs, salaries & wages, expenses, interest paybacks, and tax. The highlighted red is the calculated results of Gross Margin, Net Margin, EBITDA, EBIT, Net profit before tax, Net profit after tax, and the Operating cash flow along with Cash in hand.


  • Revenue Breakdown Chart


 Salon Business Plan Dashboard Revenue Breakdown

This chart reflects the revenue forecast for five years using the data from core financial and the revenue tab. For your convenience, the revenue is a breakdown in its components like salon jobs and the sale of extra products.


  • Profitability Chart


 Salon Business Plan Dashboard Profitability

The Profitability chart reflects the revenue, Earning before interest, tax, Depreciation, and Amortization (EBITDA) both in absolute figures and in percentage to revenue. It also answers the question that comes to mind that is salon business profitable?



  • Cash Flow & Cumulative Cash Flow


 Salon Business Plan Dashboard Cash Flow

The cash flow chart represents the five-year forecast for operating cash flow, investing cash flow, financing, and net cash flow for desired assumptions. Whereas, the cumulative cash flow chart reflects operating cash receipts, operating cash payments, investing, financing, and the cash balance in the bank.



Salon Business Plan Template Revenue Assumptions Tab



This Revenue Assumption table helps you to select up to five products that create revenue for your beauty salon business. You can use various assumptions to create different scenarios. 

Salon Business Plan Extra Product Revenue Assumptions Inputs


    • Select the extra product and input it in the first column.
    • Enter the launch date of the selected product.
    • Input the per month sales assumption in the sales column.
    • Choose the percentage growth for each year.
    • Enter the sales price of the selected product in the product price column.
    • Input the percentage of profit margin on each product.


This data about the extra product will be reflected in the revenue breakeven chart in the dashboard.



Beauty Salon Budget Variable Expenses Tab


 Salon Business Plan Variable Expenses Inputs


In this salon expenses spreadsheet, you can input up to six variable expenses as a percentage of the total revenue.

    • Input the variable expense name under the categories column.
    • In the expenses tab, enter the percentage to revenue.


You get the data of total revenue from the core financial and it is manipulated by the percentage you input for a specific expense. The calculated result is shown in the table below against each variable expense head. You can get up to a five-year forecast using the variable expense percentage assumption.


Salon Expenses Spreadsheet - Fixed Expenses


In this fixed expense tab of the hair beauty salon business plan, you can input up to 15 fixed expenses along with their details and the yearly growth rate. 

Salon Monthly Expenses Fixed Expense Assumptions



 Salon Monthly Expenses Fixed Expense Inputs

    • Select the categories column and enter the name of the fixed expense category.
    • Enter the launch date of a specific expense.
    • Input the end date of the expense.
    • In the periodicity column, you can select from options one time, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly.
    • Enter the amount of total spending under this expense.






You can input the yearly growth rate for each fixed expense in the following table.


 Salon Monthly Expenses Fixed Expense Inputs Yearly Growth Rate


These fixed expenses are reflected in the income statement under the fixed expenses head as follow:

 Salon Monthly Expenses Fixed Expenses Income Statement View



Beauty Salon Expenses - Wages


 Salon Business Plan Wages


In the salaries and wages tab, you can enter the salary of beauty salon employees and the wages of direct laborers along with yearly growth, monthly bonus, and tax rates.


Salon Expenses Spreadsheet Wages Salary Inputs



You can use up to 19 different categories of employees to input their salaries.

    • Select the category head and enter the name of the category in the first column.
    • Enter the joining date of each employee.
    • Input the firing date of each employee.
    • Enter the annual salary of employees in the salary column.


You can enter the staff numbers for each employee’s category in the following table.








 Salon Expenses Spreadsheet Wages Staff Inputs

 You can use these tables to keep a record of each employee's annual salary raise, monthly bonuses, and tax deduction rate.










Depending upon these assumptions, you can see the five years forecast for annual base salaries, staff numbers, monthly base salaries, monthly bonuses, and monthly base taxes in the tabular charts displayed at the bottom.

Salon Expenses Spreadsheet Wages Salray Rise Inputs

Salon Business Plan Wages Results Annual Salary
Beauty Salon Expense Sheet Wages Results Staff Count
Salon Business Plan Wages Results Monthly Base

Salon Business Plan - Sources & Uses Tab


Beauty Salon Budget Sources And Uses

The sources and uses or so-called S&U template reflects the total funding and equity of the beauty salon financial system and how the company used these resources. Ideally, both sides should be balanced, or at least the sources side should be greater than the uses side. It means the company needs expansion and growth in business. If the uses side is bigger than sources, it means the business needs more funding to run the business. The components of the S&U template are as follows.


  • Funding Structure


Beauty Salon Budget Financials Sources And Uses Funding Structure 

This template shows the components of funding that are debt and equity. For a quick look, both are represented in a graphical chart as well.


  • Sources of Funds


Beauty Salon Budget Financials Sources And Uses Sources Of Funds

This template reflects the detail of each loan and that of equities. The graph shows the individual debts and equities for a better understanding.


  • Sources & Uses Details


Salon Business Plan Financials Sources And Uses Uses Table

This template gives you complete information about all source components and that of their usage. For better projection, you can check the sources & uses for specific months. Enter the number of months that you want to get information about the funding and its usage. The graphical presentation of sources and uses is described below by charts.


Beauty Salon Budget Financials Sources And Uses Uses Chart

Beauty Salon Financial Model Features


    • The beauty salon financial model creates five years forecast using the various assumption that helps you for a better decision about starting a beauty salon business plan.
    • These projections help you to identify the surplus cash that you can invest to enhance your beauty salon system.
    • It saves your time and money that you have to spend on expensive financial consultants without any special education or complex calculations.
    • This forecasting excel helps you to prepare yourself for what do you need to open a beauty salon and budget your resources to input proper stuff and staff.
    • The ready-to-print hair and beauty salon business plan template makes your bankers and lenders more confident and convinces them of more funding in your business.
    • You do not need to know any complex math or statistical formulae to get results from this beauty parlor business plan; instead, it does your job in just clicks.
    • It identifies the cash shortfalls by its sources and uses templates and provides you with various “what if” scenarios to overcome your deficiencies.


Core Benefits of Beauty Salon Financial Model


    • Various projection templates help you to better understand your customers.
    • A beauty salon budget spreadsheet helps you to use your resources at right time and in right place.
    • Beauty salon profit and loss statements provide up-to-date information about your business with only one click.
    • The beauty salon expense sheet offers a quick overview of the fields that you can avoid for better profitability.
    • Beauty salon business plan presentation makes your bankers and lenders more confident about your payback capacity.
    • Beauty salon business plan template for profit & loss helps to track the spending’s track.
    • The income statement and balance sheet help you to control the beauty salon budget.
    • The beauty and hair salon business plan provides you exact information about the cash available to cop up salon monthly expenses.



Why should use Beauty Salon Business Plan?


  1. Business Selection

The selection of any business requires intensive research and a deep understanding of that field. Hence, it requires your precious time and money. Our business plan for a beauty salon helps you to answer your question such as how to open a beauty salon? How to start a beauty salon business? How much does it cost to open a beauty salon? How much does salon equipment cost? Is beauty parlor business profitable? What are the salon start-up expenses? With our beauty salon business plan financial forecast, you can better decide about the selection of this business.

  1. Starting A New Beauty Salon Setup

While starting a new business you do not know the outcome of that system. You have to invest a huge amount and years to know the output of any new system. But now you have a business plan for a beauty salon that helps you to know the requirements to open a hair salon, salon utilities average cost, and beauty salon expenses. With a salon income and expense sheet, you better decide the profitability of your beauty salon.

  1. Running a Business

A successful running business requires much technical analysis and instant decisions. For this, you have to spend a huge amount on financial analyst and technical. With the business plan for a beauty salon, you can do all technical analysis and forecasting with few clicks. The business plan beauty salon model not only helps you to run your business but also provides you five years' projections with various assumptions.

  1. Worth Your Business

A business that runs on investor's funding needs a lot of reports and templates to satisfy your banker or lenders. Our business plan template for beauty salon not only provide you up to date financial of your system but also provide a five-year forecast that can satisfy your investors. Also, you can convince them of more investment with your salon business plan template.

  1. Budget Resources

Budget resources ensure the smooth running of your business and allow the expansion of your resources. Business plan template for a beauty salon helps to better organize your resources by identifying the cash flows. This strategy not only develops your business but also offers you a boost to reach the highest level.

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