Financial Dashboard

Enter the KPI objectives, and business monthly financial results and Financial Dashboard will take care of creating the beautiful management dashboard with handy Graphs and Metrics!

The Financial Dashboard Excel spreadsheet will produce 3 KPI dashboards that can be seen month by month with growth comparisons and trends.

Financial Efficiency Metrics Dashboard – most demanded finance KPIs to measure the efficiency of your business, like Revenue, Cash Conversion Cycle and Budget versus Actuals analysis of Income Statement


Financial dashboard efficiency
Financial dashboard efficiency budget variance


Liquidity Metrics Dashboard – essential KPIs to track liquidity like Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Turnover and Current Ratio


Financial dashboard liquidity


Profitability Metrics Dashboard – core indicators to measure are Gross Margin and Net Profit. There are no doubts that the first thing you interesting in starting a new business – is its’ efficiency and profitability.


Financial dashboard profitability
To achieve its maximum, the business owner does various steps to improve the performance of his firm. Of course, to see if these steps made an effect, you should keep track of the leading financial indicators.


We developed key performance indicator template excel, which visually demonstrate changes in KPI efficiency, profitability, and liquidity. You won’t need advanced excel skills or degree in finance – download a Financial Dashboard, enter your data, and enjoy your interactive financial dashboard.


Financial Dashboard Excel metrics


- Revenue
Financial dashboard efficiency revenue
- Gross Margin
Financial dashboard profitability gross margin
- Net Profit
Financial dashboard profitability net profit
- Quick/Current Ratio
Financial dashboard liquidity current ratio
- Working Capital
Financial dashboard liquidity working capital
- Return on Equity (ROE)
Financial dashboard profitability ROE
- Conversion Cash Cycle
Financial dashboard efficiency cash concersion cycle
- Budget Variance Analysis
Financial dashboard efficiency budget variance

Financial dashboard excel will come in handy when you need to


Analyze actual revenue and compare it with budget

See the dynamic of working capital during the year

Compare your assets and liabilities

Quick decision-making KPI tracking Month to Month and Year to Date

Track changes in the margin and net profit

Determine the return of equity (ROE)

Analyze the liquidity of your business


Financial Dashboard available visualisations


Financial dashboard liquidity

Here is one of the three dashboards called the liquidity kpi dashboard. It highlights the account receivables and payables turnover in days for the chosen month. Liquidity KPI dashboard mainly focused on the working capital KPIs like account receivables turnover in days and account payables turnover in days

Financial efficiency dashboard is focused on the cash conversion cycle and the revenue

At the financial efficiency side of the financial dashboard template, you may find the Cash Conversion Cycle calculation, which shows how efficiently a company is managing its working capital. The Cash Conversion Cycle takes into account the time needed to convert cash into inventory and accounts payable (AP), then through sales and accounts receivable (AR) back into cash. This is the one of core finance kpis at the dashboard.

Key profitability KPIs in the financial dashboard template

Profitability ratios are used to assess a business's ability to generate earnings. Most of the profitability ratios are calcualted in relative to revenue, operating costs, assets, and equity. In this key performance indicator template excel, you will find gross margin, net profit, and Return on Equity ratios on a single page with the year to date comparison.

Revenue over time

This chart shows you the revenu iver time Financial dashboard efficiency revenue chart

Budget vs Actuals variance analysis

Here you may track the difference between actuals and budget ratios Actual versus budget variance analysis

Current Ratio and Cash Conversion Cycle

It shows you the current ratio over time Current ratio chart This chart shows the cash conversion cycle over time Cash Conversion Cycle Chart

Gross Margin Ratio and Net profit and Return On Equity

Gross margin is a net sales minus its cost of goods sold (COGS). The gross margin ratio is a percentage resulting from dividing the amount of a company's gross margin by net sales. With the financial dashboard template, businesses may continuously track the gross margin ratio to be assured it is sufficient to cover its selling, general and administrative expenses, interest expense, and to earn a profit. The net profit is equal to gross profit minus operating expenses and income tax. The net profit margin shows how much net income or profit is generated as a percentage of revenue. One the the core profitability ratios is the net profit margin. The net profit margin illustrates how much of each dollar in revenue turns into profit. Return on equity (ROE) measures how effectively management is using a company’s assets to make profits. You may track ROE with the finance kpis dashboard over time

KPI excel template inputs

KPI excel template inputs This tab was designed to allow you to enter all the required financial inputs to calculate the core financial KPIs. Fill the yellow lines with data to run automatical KPIs calculation

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