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Dental Practice Financial Model/Business Plan Excel Template

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Business Plan Guide and Business Plan Template in MS Word Format

Financial Dashboard in Excel To Track Your Business Performance

Dental Practice Business Plan

The dental practice is very expansive worldwide, but it never stops the expansion of the dentistry business. According to financial experts, the dental clinic setup cost is very high, and the Return of Investment takes approximately five years. But you do not need to wait for five years to confirm the Investment return; our dental clinic business plan with dental clinic setup cost and dental equipment cost forecast the five years cash flow and profit.


The dental office overhead statistics and dental office equipment checklist show that dental office planning requires huge funding. Also, the average dentist salary and dental office staff hiring increase the capital needed in the dental practice balance sheet. However, with the help of a dental business plan, you can evaluate before investing how much to buy a dental practice. 


This dentist business plan helps you; how much does it cost to build a dental office, and how much does it cost to start a dental practice? With a startup dental practice business plan and dental practice statistics, you can efficiently manage the dental office cost breakdown.


Features of Dental Practice Financial Model


All in One Dashboard


Dental Kpi Spreadsheet Dashboard


This Dental Practice Financial Model has a versatile dashboard that helps you input some necessary information and display the Core Financial results both in absolute figures and in graphical charts to quickly view the dental practice metrics in real-time. Below are the details about these inputs and graphical charts.


  • New Patients Acquisition


Dental Business Plan New Patient Acquisition


This table helps you to input the Acquisitions about every new patient. Depending upon the initial Fiscal Year data, you can speculate about the coming five years forecast.

    • Input the Annual Marketing Expenses for each patient
    • Add per Anum growth to forecast for next four years
    • Add the Cost To Acquire Every New Patient in dollars
    • Add the growth factors for the next years forecast in the second column


In the Total New Patients row, you get the total number of New Patients you will acquire every year.


  • Patients Based Assumptions


Dental Business Plan Patient Based Assumptions


This table can input various assumptions for a perfect forecast for coming years about the retained patients.

    • Input the percentage of new patients to be retained every fiscal year
    • You can add yearly growth or leave the field for the same growth rate
    • Enter the percentage of the patients who do not continue treatment


After calculations, you get the total number of active patients that revisit or continue their treatment till the end of the year.


  • Safety Stocks & Payments delay


Dentist Business Plan Safety Stock


The dental practice business plan template helps you to maintain the Safety Stock to ensure the availability of products all the time. You can input the percentage of the safety stock available every time. Besides, you can keep a record of the days of your payable amounts here. These payable amounts are reflected in the Balance Sheet as follow:


Dentist Financial Planning Safety Stock


  • Debt Assumptions


Dental Startup Debt Assumptions


 Here you can input all your Loans and their details for further calculations to produce a perfect financial forecast.

    • Input the loan name in the first column
    • Enter the original loan amount
    • Set the launch date of the loan
    • Enter the duration of the loan period
    • Input the interest rate for individual loans
    • In the Type column, you can select either Usual or Annuity type according to your loan's nature
    • If you have received any grant without any interest rate or payable period, you can enter it in the last row in Infront of the Grant column with the amount and the launch date


The debt data that you enter here is reflected in the Capital tab, dental practice income statement and dental practice balance sheet.


Debt Assumptions Capital


  • Core Financials


Business Plan Dental Clinic Core Financials

The Dentist Practice Financial Model reflects the core finances in the Dashboard depending upon the Revenue, COGS, Gross Margin, dental practice EBITDA multiple. In addition, you get the total Expenses, Net Profit before and after-Tax deductions. Besides, you can get the figures of Operating Cash Flow and Cash.


  • Revenue Breakdown and Profitability Graphs


These versatile dental practice models can display the various calculation in graphical forms for easy understanding and quick view. These graphical charts include Revenue Breakdown for five years and Profitability up to five years as follows:

Dental Practice Financial Ratios Revenue And Profitabilty Charts



  • Cash Flow & Cumulative Cash Flow


Dental Business Plan Cash And Comulative Cash Flow



The graphical presentation of the Cash flow and the cumulative cash flows provide a quick view of the cash status of the Dentist practice financial model.


Revenue Assumption Tab


In Revenue Assumption, you can input the services provided to every new patient and the price of each service.


  • Usage Frequency


Dentist Business Plan Revenue Service Usage


You can input the initial treatment and the nine more treatment services that a new patient uses.

    • Input the Initial Treatment that every new patient requires
    • As every new patient uses the initial treatment so you will input 100% for each year in the first row
    • Input the next nine services that new patients use
    • In the Years column, enter the percentage of the patients that uses the particular service


  • Price per Service


Average Dental Practice Revenue Revenue Price Per Service

In this table, you can input the individual price for each service per year. In the year column, enter the price in the dollar for the respective service. You can input the price data for ten services, including the initial treatment for five years.


Services COGS Assumptions Tab


In this tab, you can separately input the Cost of Goods used for each service and the labor charges for each service.


  • COGS- Cost of Material


Dental Office Business Plan Cogs COGS Of Material

Here you can input the COGS in terms of material for each service used by the new patient. All these input fields are changeable. Input the Cost of Material in percentage for individual services in the relevant year.


  • COGS-Direct Labor Costs


Dental Clinic Business Plan COGS Direct Labor Costs


This table allows you to input the direct labor cost for each service used by a new patient. Input the labor costs in percentage in the year's column for relevant services.


Extra Revenue & COGS Tab


Dental Office Budget Template Extra

In addition to Revenue and COGS input, you can input additional information such as Launch date, sales per month, annual sales growth, price, and dental practice profit margin for five selected products.


    • Input the product name in the Extra Product column
    • Select the Launch date for each product
    • Enter the sales per month for respective products
    • Input the assumption of sales growth per year
    • Enter the actual price of the product in the Product price column
    • Input the dental practice profit margin assumption percentage for individual products


For these Extra products, you can select the Safety Stock and Payable time in the Dashboard.


Seasonality Settings Tab


 Business Plan Dental Practice Seasonality


The dentist financial planning helps you set the seasonality Expenses settings to meet the cash flow in peak seasons. You can set the seasonality factor for each month depending upon your workloads.

    • Input the percentage of workload for a specific month
    • It will display the seasonality expenses in a graphical chart

If you do not want to use the seasonality factor, then you can use the flat settings for the whole year. To set the flat settings, enter 1/12 in the Jan column and press Enter key. Now copy this formula to the entire row; the whole fiscal year will be set to a flat 8.3%. it will change the graph as follows:

Business Plan Dental Practice Seasonality


 Variable Expenses Tab


Cost Of Running A Dental Practice Variable Expenses

On the variable Expense tab, you can select up to six lines of expenses as a percentage of total revenue. The above all Marketing Expenses entry is pretty unique. For this calculation, the data is collected from the Dashboard that you have entered for patient acquisitions and from the seasonality expenses trends, as shown below.


Dental Startup Variable Expenses


Sources & Uses Tab


Dental Clinic Business Plan Sources And Uses Uses



The Sources & Uses statement is very helpful to understand that where the company is collecting its investments and where it outsourced that income.

  • Funding Structure


Business Plan Dental Clinic Sources And Uses Funding Structure


The funding structure represents the total Debt and Total Equity of the business. The total funding and debt to equity factor are also represented both in absolute figures and graphical charts.

  • Sources of Funds


Business Plan Dental Clinic Sources And Uses Sources Of Funds


This table of dentistry business plan reflects the details of the fund sources. It includes the details of all kinds of debts owed by the company and all kinds of Equity received by the company. Hence, total debt and total equities are represented in absolute figures and a graphical chart for quick understanding.

  • Sources of Uses


 Dental Practice Business Plan Sources And Uses

The most important aspect of any financial system depends upon the company resources that help you forecast the system efficiency. You can view this report for any number of months starting from the first fiscal month.  The beauty of this dental practice business plan template

is that you have a complete record of what the company raised from various funds and where the company spent. For perfect understanding, you can see these figures in a graphical chart.


Fixed Expenses Tab


Cost Of Running A Dental Practice Fixed Expenses

The Fixed Expenses table allows you to input the individual expenses along with their details.


Dental Practice Budget Spreadsheet Fixed Expenses

    • Select the categories of expenses from the list. You can add up to fifteen expense categories.
    • Select the Launch date of a particular expense
    • Enter the End date of each expense.
    • Select the Periodicity from One time, Daily, Weekly Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, and Yearly.
    • Enter the amount of the Expense in the Spending column


Dental Office Cost Breakdown Fixed Expenses Yearly Growth Rate


You can add the yearly growth rate of each of the expenses to get the forecast up to five years.


Wages Tab


The Wages table helps you to input the dentist’s salary and dental office staff wages.


Dental Practice Staffing Model Wages

    • Select the Staff category from the categories list. You can add up to 19 staff members including the dentist.
    • Select the hiring date of dental office staff.
    • Select the leaving date of every staff member.
    • Input the annual salary of each dental office staff.


Dental Practice Staffing Model Staff Count


You can select the number of dental office staff for each year.


Dental Practice Staffing Model Salary


You can add the annual raise in salary for every staff member. Also, you can add the monthly Bonus and Tax Rate for each staff member.


Dental Practice Financial Model Features


  • The dental practice startup Cash Flow Projections provide a road map that helps you to convince your lenders to approve the required loan.
  • It helps you to provide a solid payback plan to your bank or investors
  • The Dental Practice Financial model’s flexibility helps you to adjust the inputs at launch time or even throughout your financial activities to refine your projections
  • With various "What If" scenarios, you are in a better position to decide the best strategies to boost your business growth
  • The dental practice financial model boosts the organic growth of your business and provides opportunities for more funding.
  • You do not need to write any formulae, no need for advanced programming knowledge, no advanced need-to-know graphics to get the best formulated and formatted reports.
  • The dental practice cash flow projection helps you to see the impact of your decisions before implementing physically; it reduces any possible risks.


Core benefits of Dental Practice Financial Model


  • The Dental Practice Financial Model is a proven Excel-based business model with years of experience and at an affordable price.
  • The monthly projected cash flow statements provide awareness and confidence to your investors that pave the path for more investments.
  • The dental practice plan provides you all necessary reports, and you do not need to prepare any more independent reports.
  • Well formatted and proved dental practice financial plan is always there to impress your investors with your growth and progress


Why should use the dental practice financial model?


  1. Easy Business Selection

The dental practice financial model helps you better decide before starting this business that how much does a dental practice cost? How much does a dental practice make? How much does a dental practice sell for?  Whether dental practice business plan is worth starting? It provides you all the necessary information that helps you to better decisions about selecting this business.


  1. Starting New Business

Well-designed and proven dental practice financial model helps you with various scenarios that can lead you to decide how much does it cost to buy a dental practice? How much does it cost to open a dental office?  Precise forecasts and cash flow projections provide you the profitability ratio of this dental practice financial model in the coming years.

  1. Selling Worth

If you want to sell your existing dental practice financial business, you will surely want to get the exact worth of your business. Here our dental practice financial model helps you ensure the seller how much a dental practice is worth? What are average dental practice profit margin and average dental practice revenue? What is the cost of running a dental practice? Our dental business plan template answers all these questions. The forecasts depending on various assumptions, can impress your seller and boost the worth of your running business.

  1. Seasonality Budgeting

Every successful business has some peak seasons where you need to control your expenses and keep the inventory available to provide satisfactory services to your patients. Our business plan dental practice has the flexibility to mark the seasonality expenses and keep the safety stock available to avoid any shortfall.

  1. Valuable Business

A successful dental practice business depends on valuable services and needs a handful of cash to meet the daily expenses. The cash flow projections with graphical charts reflect average dental practice profit and average dentist net worth. The exact information about the services that most patients demand can make your business more valuable and worthy for your bankers and investors.

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Dentist Business Plan,
Dental Business Plan,
Dental Practice Business Plan,
Dentist Financial Planning

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